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Fall is for Planting

Our raised beds are planted up, and we’ve started in on our orchard!

Some of you may be asking why we’re planting so late, but actually, we’re a little ahead of schedule. Fall is the best time to plant! The ground has had time to warm up all summer, and the air is starting to cool. This means less stress and more opportunity for the plant to focus on establishing a strong, healthy root system before the ground freezes for the winter. Not only will this help promote earlier blooms in spring, but it will increase drought tolerance and disease resistance as well.

Trees aren’t the only thing that benefit from fall planting. Bulbs like Tulips and Daffodils make an excellent addition to your garden -- especially in Skagit Valley where visitors from around the world come to tour local farms during our Tulip Festival. If you plant now, these spring ephemerals will have less competition from weeds, and you’ll be guaranteed a beautiful spring show! Planting bulbs like these in your raised beds or under fruiting trees will ensure that pollinators will have an early invitation to your garden, and your fruits and veggies will likely produce much larger yields. Even some perennials like violas and pansies are great choices for fall planting! They also benefit from the warm soil and will provide a nice evergreen mat that can give you winter color when you need it most.

If you’re getting excited about fall planting, but aren’t sure where to start, stop in and see us at Azusa Farm and Gardens. We’ll help you through everything from plant picks to garden design!

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