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This 2 hour introduction to bonsai will instruct you on the origins and methods of creating bonsai. We will cover the styles and types of bonsai, the basic tools used and how to begin.

Class will include: • Several plants to choose from • Bonsai branch cutters • Stainless chop stick used for removing soil • Plastic bonsai training pot • 2 sizes of aluminum bonsai wire

We will cover: • basic techniques for choosing the front of your tree • removing and replacing the growing medium • bonsai styles • wiring the trunk of your tree • how to wire branches using the two branch principle A 10% discount will be offered the day of the class that can be used to upgrade the bonsai pot or purchase some more trees.

Your instructor, Steve Perea, has been growing pre-bonsai Japanese Black Pines and Red Pines along with Italian Stone Pines for over 5 years in Anacortes. All his trees are grown from seed and many from cuttings for low branches and radial roots that are coveted features of bonsai trees. Currently he has several hundred under cultivation and many of his bonsai trees are for sale at Azusa Garden Centre.

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